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Happy Holidays

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The French

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I don’t give ONE shit that this has nothing to do with cars, bikes, trucks, boats, etc. This is RAW.



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If only I had the nutsack young Dominic has.




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Crazy Bastards….Just sayin….



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So since I last posted on here, it has been a very interesting week, to say the least.  It all started with Friday the 28th, Mike from Classy Nancy calls me, and says “hey, we are supposed to get rain/snow tommorow lets go out and do some drifties”.  Sure I am always down with doing big drifties, but since I swapped out my piece of shit blown Volvo transmission to the nice Ford Mustang T5 trans and driveshaft I have had a GAPING hole in my floor.  Wait, why do you have a hole in the floor of the car you ask?  Well let me tell you.  The stock Volvo driveshaft is tiny, and two piece so it kind of bends around the floor and doesn’t rub on anything when you are low.  I am using the massive 3″ Ford Mustang driveshaft, which is one piece, and even though I saw other people with relatively low Volvos,  it rubbed on legitametly EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF THE FLOOR from the back of the front seats back…

Awesome, I tried to fix it everyway, air hammer on the floor? NOPE rubbed still.  Cut a small section out of the floor? Rubs further up.  Cut some more? Rubs even FURTHER UP.  So I ended up cutting out a foot and a half section of floor all because this dumbass driveshaft rubs, and it is cold, and the driveshaft acts as a nice fan to blow all the cold air into the car LOL.

Saturday, I woke up early headed up to Mikes, and we went and got some metal to try and make the tunnel decent enough that I wouldn’t get douched in snow, rain, cold air, dead squirrels, or snarge that would get near the driveshaft.  Mike was a master round stock metal bender, and had a decent hoop setup in the back that would serve as a base to make the tunnel.

Then we looked outside, snow, lots of snow, I mean like it is DUMPING snow AND sticking.  In October in CT? YES MOTHERFUCKER.  We promptly packed up all stuff in the garage and Mike, like a BAWS, drives “Nancy” with full polish RS’ in the snow.  We ended up driving at a SHIT TON of places in the snow and it was probably the most fun I have had in a while.  All while getting massive chunks of snow kicked up on my shoulder while sliding, LOVE IT!

Then around 5pm or so, it starts to get BAD, to the point that I can barely move if I come to a stop.  So I head out back to my place and had a blast driving in the snow on the way home, also wished I had a 120mm Tank Gun mounted on my front bumper to kill every retard driver that drives 5mph just because there is snow on the ground.  About 11pm Saturday, all power in my house goes out, whatever it’ll probably come back soon.

Wrong.  Wake up Sunday and it looks like a bomb went off, every tree is down, power lines everywhere, people freaking out and waiting 3 hours for gas because gas stations are so packed. NO ONE has power. NONE.  This continues for the ENTIRE WEEK.

Work for me was a joke this week, there was no power at work, so we ran ONE computer off a Marine Deep Cycle battery with a power inverter. No heat, no heat at home, car is cold as fuck because I have a massive hole in the floor, wake up Wednesday morning and it was like 48 degrees in the house, I was fucking MISERABLE.

There was one good thing I had to look forward too, Saturday was Drift Factions end of year event in LBV.  It did not dissapoint, AT ALL.  I drove up with my brother, Petey Pabs in the Nismo Z, Jay in the purple drank cottage whimsey S13, and Eric with his ultra clean EG coupe.  The drive up was beautiful, the weather was awesome, and tons more people showed up through out the day.  SO MUCH driving all day long, I mostly rode with Petey, who was progressivly getting better throughout the whole day, and by the end of the day linking the entire course.  All in a limited edition Nismo Z that 99% of the owners are to scared to even bring them close to the rev limiter, let alone drift it, next to jersey barriers on a bumpy ass track, FUCK YEA.  Landers was scaring me just watching him drive his missile coupe he built just so he could drive the last event, which ended up blowing the turbo and most likely more by the end of the day.  It was nuts, SO haggered on steelies with snow tires on them, big turbo setup that was SO LOUD, and he was just overall beating the everloving SHIT out of it all day with not a single fuck crossing his mind, so awesome.  It was just an overall really laid back day with some awesome cars and awesome driving, I was happy, but not as happy as when I got home from it and walked into a house that was 70 degrees and had power.


I will leave you with this awesome vid I found that makes me even more pumped for winter drifties.