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Foggy Morning

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Woke up and saw this fog outside, had to take advantage of it.




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It has been WAY too long since I last made a post on here.  I am sorry, I am slacking incredibly bad.  Well since that last post I have made, besides being addicted to tumblr, lots of things have happened.  As you know through one of the last posts I did, Mike Lynch (aka ClassyNancy, ClutchKicked) started drift events in Hartford CT.  We had two of what I think was the BEST drift events I have been to, and then the owner of the parking lot even after Mike SHOWING HIM WHAT DRIFTING WAS AND HE WAS COOL WITH IT, decided that we were RUINING the pavement with tire marks and we could no longer hold events there.

Mike tried everything, even as far as pressure washing the pavement after each event AND offering more money, they refused.  Great.  Honestly I  cannot complain because it was 5 minutes from my house and I got to do this…

And Mike also got to do a lot of that as well..

Oh yeah, I lowered it, a lot.

Staggered AKA the best show in New England happend and it was a blast as usual, made even better by the whole Drift Faction crew.

and Chris’ MINT Celica

and Jay Cyrs dog jumping really high..

Then East Coast Bash happened, and I don’t even need to tell you how amazing that was, and I am not going to post any pictures because I was most likely too drunk to take any good ones anyway and there are plenty of awesome ones on the interwebs.

Now here we are, 1 MONTH away from H20, from the strip, from Seacrets, from seeing everyone you haven’t seen since last year, from the loudest, lowest, shiniest, and shittiest cars you can possibly imagine, and I can’t wait.

So to put it this way, FlossFilthy is still very alive and very well.  I am in love with my shitty Volvo, and after H20, I am swapping all my parts on to a mint new shell I recently purchased with NO rust, and CLEAN paint.  H20 is coming up fast, and I plan to see all of you fuckers there!!

❤ Bear


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This car has always been a favorite of mine, and the guy who owns it drives like a BOSS.  Even more motivation to finish my car that I am slacking on…



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Volvo 480….



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I want more snow right NOW.


What can brown do for you?

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In this case, it would get your kids safely to school while looking BOSS.



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