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Well known fact, Bear and I love these cars. Cool video showing some of the work going into them. Thanks TennXX for putting together such a cool video…..I’ll own one someday.


Happy Holidays

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get enough of the FR-S/BRZ scene that is blowing up lately.




The French

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I don’t give ONE shit that this has nothing to do with cars, bikes, trucks, boats, etc. This is RAW.



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FIA GT1 and GT3 from Albert’s Auto Works


Belated Driftober

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Even the man couldn’t shut down Lock City.  Mr Clutchkicked Lynch found a way and pulled some strings and we had what can only be explained as one of the best drift events I have been too, all in CT.  If you would have told me a year ago a place like Lime Rock Park would want to have drift events, I would have laughed at you.  I mean, you go to this place in the middle of nowhere, huge houses surrounding the entrance, and you pull in to this perfectly paved windy road through the woods to a wooden bridge that goes over one of the main straights for the track, and you see perfectly cut grass, a beautiful main lobby area, an amazing pit area down below and not one track, but three.  They have their main track which is HUGE, for ALMS races, and other wheel to wheel stuff, then they have two smaller tracks which they call their autocross courses, all with nice corners, elevation changes, and smooth pavement, perfect for sliding.

After Lock City Hartford got shut down, (by complaints by autocross people that we were ruining the pavement…) Mr. Lynch was already searching for other places to have events.  A couple places were thought of, we even went and tested one with the help of Jay Cyr in his purple drank S13 coupe, on quite possibly the HOTTEST day ever.  None of them were any good, at least not worth paying a ton of money to drift at all day.  At this point there wasn’t to many options left, it was pretty dissapointing.  Mike sent a longshot email to Lime Rock Park, never thinking they would be interested, same day he got an email back and with LOTS of back and forth and date changes, he got the go ahead for a November 17th event.

The result was amazing, I mean, really it could NOT have been more perfect.  50 drivers, TONS of spectators, and the people from Lime Rock, from what I could see were impressed.  The autocross tracks we used were split into two in the AM, and after lunch were combined to make a track that was SO MUCH FUN I CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN.  I also got to ride in Alex Henrys 4.0 V8 6 speed swapped E34 WAGON for most of the day 4 people deep, true station wagon style.

Heres to hoping Mike can work his magic with the powers that be at Lime Rock Park and bring drifting back there all next summer, because it was about as perfect as it gets.  I’ll leave you with this great vid the guys from Drift Faction made, gives you a pretty good idea how fun this track was, and you also get to be blinded by the smoke machine that is Jay Cyrs S13.



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