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Highway Star

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Fuck I love this car.

One of my favs at h20i every year.



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Cool little documentary


Low Down & Shifty

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If you like custom bikes like me, and you have never checked out the Bikes of Icon section on their site, you should.

One of my personal favs



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Robbed these photos off vortex. Thanks.


This Honda was dope, straight gutted on the inside, loved it.



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This thing is so sick.

Note the horn in the video.


Cruisin the strip

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Probably the first photo ever taken of Alex’s MK2, I dont know why it’s a simple and clean car.

And finish with a photo of Nancy with Jackie looking really excited in the passenger seat

Just found a couple of these pics from lillaRe’s thread on Vortex which is awesome and you should check it out.  Odds are if you were in Ocean City that weekend there is a picture of your car in it.