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JDM Car Shelves

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If only we lived in the Motherland…


Found on



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Video from First Class Fitment.

Looks like it was a pretty fun show, hopefully next year we can make it down.



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Robbed these photos off vortex. Thanks.


This Honda was dope, straight gutted on the inside, loved it.



Nasa Shit

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Custom built with Nasa grade errthang.



SO clean

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Sick video from H2Oi made by 4MATIONMEDIA, featuring a handfull of FLOSSfilthy car/owner shots.

Please note Brandon and Alex leading the “Make Out” Chant at the Convention Center hahahaha.

Also watch for:

Tim’s S2K

Dunstin’s Cameo/MKIV

Classy Nancy’s E30


Thanks for a cool video.