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Every single one of these places look SSOOOO much fun.




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Volvo 480….



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I usually don’t just reblog stuff I find on other blogs I read, just because I like to try and post stuff I haven’t really seen.  This, on the other hand, is TO amazing NOT to post.  Mike Burroughs and the StanceWorks crew have been working with HRE to revive some of their classic wheels from the early 90’s, and to me, it is quite possible the BEST thing I have seen yet.  Classic, timeless styles in new MODERN car sizing, it really is a match made in heaven.  AND THEN I saw the newest set of photos for the new HRE 454 on a bagged and kitted lime green Murcielago.

This is simply JAW DROPPING amazing.  I mean ask anyone who knows me, I am NOT a huge exotic car fan, but something about this, maybe even the fact that it almost looks like a real life Matchbox car has me in awe.

I can’t get enough.

Check out StanceWorks for the whole article, and to the guys at SW, keep doing what you do, because this whole HRE thing is one of the best NEW automotive things I have seen in a while, and I LOVE IT.



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No words.



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This guy knows whats up.



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I want more snow right NOW.


They see me rollin..

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They hatin……