Sir Stirling Moss

So as Jon had mentioned before, we were going on a cruise, and we JUST got back yesterday, and what a fucking awesome time it was.  You are probably wondering why am I talking about a cruise we went on when the title of this post is Sir Stirling Moss with a badass picture of him below it.  Well, let me explain.  Thursday morning, our ship arrived in Nassau, in the Bahamas.  Jon and I were some of the first people off of the ship and out walking around.  I saw a couple of signs that said “Bahamas Speed Week Revival”, and kind of thought that it was for some boat race of some sort so I didn’t think much of it.

That was until we met the BEST stateworker of the Bahamas, Jerome, who told us that there was a car show down the road if we were “inta dat sorta ting”

OBVIOUSLY we were interested, and kept walking, where we see a big Start/Finish line, and next to it a massive tent.  What we saw under it was no joke.  Vintage Ferraris, TVR’s, Lamborghinis, you name it, and it was under this tent…

That was until we heard every car start, and were almost ran over by Sir Sterling Moss in his Ferrari, followed by every car in that tent.  Seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life.  I would have been honored to have been run over by someone as BOSS as Sir Stirling Moss.



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