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Showin’ Em




I wanna go FAST

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Just found this vid of the guys from SG Motorsport KILLING track records in their 8,300 RPM Naturally Aspirated 350Z, and it sounds absolutely fucking mental.

If I ever owned a G/Z I would be taking notes directly from them.  High revving, N/A V6s make me DROOOOOLLLL.



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It took a white RX8 on TE37’s to really catch my attention towards these cars…



Hot off the Press

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Shirts are available, Large and XL only. Email us for more details. Get em while they’re hot.


Action shot of Ty (in said shirt):






363 Days Left

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Until next years H20.  SRSLY though, despite the rain, and all the internet drama about makes OTHER than VW and Audi being there, it was an ABSOLUTE fucking blast.  Everyone we rolled with made it down with no issues (despite Ty’s starter assploding in spectacular fashion at Sonic in Delaware) and we all had a WICKED good time.  See H20 isn’t even about the show anymore to me at least, it is just an awesome time to go to a gorgeous beach city and watch A LOT of cars drag frame and make loud noises 24 hours a day, and make tons of new friends and meet people you have wanted to meet for a while.

I got to meet Gilbert from SCRAPED CRUSADERS, although it was only for a minute, it was just awesome seeing his DUMPED wag rippin up and down the strip.  Met a BUNCH of other people and got to bullshit with some of the coolest people around.  As far as the DRAMA that came after the show, people just need to grow the fuck up and realize we are all into one thing, building low, loud, wide, fast, filthy cars.  Who cares if the car that does it is a Honda, Subaru, or a VW, and lets be serious, people were complaining about them being at the show, which they were not, just on the strip, so who cares?

I am absolutely beat, running on probably like 8 hours of sleep over 5 days there, most likely still hungover, but overall kinda sad to be back home.  It was awesome sleeping in my OWN bed, but to not wake up to the sounds of VR’s ripping, open wastegates roaring, and tires smoking will be missed.

Thanks to EVERYONE for another great year, and special thanks to anyone that rocked a Floss Filthy vinyl or bought a shirt from us, it was greatly appreciated, and I cannot wait to come out with the new designs.

For now I will leave you with a NASTY pic by Geoff from SCRAPED CRUSADERS of Timbos S2K.



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And YES I did just type in caps lock, I AM THAT FUCKING EXCITED!!!


If I had millions of dollars

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I would be handing it right over to Mr. Hennessey and be driving away in one of these..

Well when I say driving, it would be more like this..