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I NEED one of these cars before I die.  Large turbo+5 cylinder=DROOLTIME



Opposites Attract

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Irene and OCMD

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I usually don’t post stuff like this, but I was looking into OCMD and how they made out after Irene and so far so good.  Up my way in Northern CT it was a bunch of hype for nothing, but places down south and Vermont got absolutely hammered by it.  I wish all those caught in that mess the best, I know the town my father lives in up in VT got WRECKED by it with some of the worst floods they have EVER seen.  All I keep thinking about everyday now is Ocean City.  The strip.  The cars. Seacrets.  Our condo.  Gettin shitty. Living the dream.  ONE MONTH LEFT AND WE’LL BE DOWN THERE!!

I did like this pic I found of the boardwalk after the storm had passed though..




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Why do we not get cool cars like this here..


uh huh

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I already LOVE the new Focus, even right off the showroom floor. This one though, gangsta.


20×9 and 20×11, ARE YA KIDDIN’ ME!?







Dubayou Twelve TT

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I don’t understand where this came from, or if there are even any pics of it, but I need this in my life..

Yes that is a Touareg with a W12 and two large fucking turbos, and huge brakes, and huge wheels, and buckets, and full standalone..yes I am drooling too.

Seems like it kinda rips…

Does good burnouts too..

If anyone has more info on this I would love to see it…


Miles of Boxy

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