Once again Travis bringing the heat with his newest pics.  This time its of Joes MINT B6 S4.  At first glance it looks like a dumped Imola Yellow S4 on nice wheels, and for the most part, it is.

But when the sun or ANY light comes out at all, you begin to realize it is MUCH more than that.  Gone is the original Imola paint, in favor of an insane Lamborghini Pearl Yellow, aka I can’t remember the name of the ACTUAL color because it is to Italian for me to even pronounce.

You see it in that pic? No?

Yeah, now you see it, and in person, it is even more mind blowing.  On top of all that it has shaved bumpers and exhaust cutouts to make it even more interesting.

What I personally think even cooler is that Joe did ALL of this work, everything, including body work and paint, by himself.  I know I would cringe taking sandpaper to my near new S4.

This car is the definition of less is more, oh yeah and the shaved exhaust cutouts?  Just means he has turndown tips for the exhaust that sounds like..well..read the title.

Thanks to Travis Rock for the pics and Joe for the rad car.



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