Okemo 2011

I have many more clips that are actually good quality, but I just got home two minutes ago and could not wait to post these shitty vids from  my phone.

This car was legit insane, Dent Sport Garages Evo III.  Thing was louder than all hell, and it was RIPPING.

This thing I don’t know much about, tried to talk to the owner for a few but everytime I went over he seemed super busy so I didn’t want to bother him.  But from what I saw it was all custom tube chassis with a C4 S4 20v turbo 5 cylinder engine and drive train in it.  I legit felt like I was listening to a Group B rally car when this thing drove, it gave me chills…

Ill post some more pics and vids once they are uploaded.  This was my first chance ever to go to a hillclimb, and it was absolutely awesome.  I cannot wait till my cars done so I can drive!!!



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