Doing it AWESOME

I don’t know how it is in other places, but around here we are littered with Evos and STI’s.  Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, they are great cars, but when 99% of them all look the same it gets a little old.  I mean look at it this way, most of the people I know or have seen with them around here spend A LOT of money on big turbo stuff, built motors, and what have you, but that is where the spending stops.  I mean I am all for a fast and awesome handling car, hell that is what those kind of cars are built for, but why on this entire earth would you ruin what could be a very complete and very nice car, with a set of Rotas or XXR’s or what have you that almost EVERY Evo and STI owner has around here.


Lets do the math

STI or EVO in decent shape: 20k or so.

Big turbo parts: anywhere from 4-6k or so depending on what you do

Motor work: 1-2k and can go way up from there


Rotas newest cool concave wheel:500 for all 4

Doesn’t quite add up does it?

Thats why I find cars like Kyles Evo awesome.  Not only is it fast, it looks awesome while doing it.  That isn’t all, while you are polishing your newest Super Rotard Segamaster EMO edition wheels, Kyle is rolling on some LEGIT Works that not only weigh HALF as much as your fake wheels, which is going to reduce unsprung weight among other things, but they are also STRONGER, and look a lot better.  There is also always that “exclusivity” that comes with having a REAL set of wheels.  I mean if you don’t have much to spend than don’t bother, just wait, because saving for the REAL DEAL parts make it that much better in the end.  Kyles Evo is awesome, and more locals around here need to take note.  Huge props to my boy T. Pain AKA Travis Rock Photography for graciously donating these awesome photos taken at our local Floss Filthy G2G in CT.

Head to Travis Rock Photography to check out the full set.  It is worth it, TRUST ME.



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