Flossfilthy Likes BMW Roadsters.

Flossfilthy Hates BMW Owners.


A few quotes why (Thanks you bimmerforums):

-Kinda negates the purpose and function of the car. I just don’t understand. then skip to the next post

-That poor abused roadster… esp the pic that circulated with the differential slamming off the asphalt throwing sparks everywhere. where is this picture, sounds awesome


-So they could care less about handling with the Coupe with that crap stretch and poke. That look is HIDEOUS! i’m sure you are quite the little race car driver yourself

-It really does and it serves no performance purpose at all. I guess if you want guys who wear skinny jeans and try to look like woman to like the way your car looks then you will go with the stretch and poke look. right…

-this may be a total noob question, but when the intake is like that how is the air filtered or is it even filtered? where to start…

-The coupe is a joke all on it’s own, showing that money doesn’t equate to any sense. The owner was better off spending all that cash on a new set of wheels, and a hood that actually fit properly.  So please, maybe we are missing something, what is the point of being “stanced” To ruin your car and look like a complete toolbag to your peers? Hats off to you, you are succeeding. Yes you are correct, what was he thinking…


All said and done, after spending the past hour or so of my life on bimmerforums.com, I now want to stab babies. The guy who posted this up, is always welcome to check out our blog. This car is sick, I would drive the shit right out of it, flippin’ the bird to all other Bimmers I saw on the way.







3 Responses to “M”

  1. None of these people have a fucking clue what they’re talking about, lol.

    This M coupe is fucking BEAUTIFUL.

  2. eastcoaststeeze Says:

    i love the carlines

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