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As of today, the Volvo is REDICULOUSLY close to running.  It is finally cranking, I have fuel, now I have to chase down an awesome no spark issue.  Whatever, I am just excited to hear it cranking over and seeing that there is actually power to the ECU and everything.  Just THAT much closer to being done!!

So after being all happy and psyched to hear it cranking over, I came home and checked out Streetkarnage, and found this latest photo of his DD 240.  This guy always does cool stuff with Volvos and this latest one is no exception.  Gives me more motivation to get this damn car on the streetz!!!!



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The best part about this engine is that it probably makes more power than  I can even imagine and its in a BOAT.



Love Pink

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Saw this car at Monticello, REALLY clean and sounds like it runs on ground babies.



The Darkness

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My English

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is good, however, my Finnish is bad. Found this on, after some link off their site brought 78 people to our blog today. I have no idea what the link said or showed, since I don’t speak a lick of Finnish.  I will give Google Chrome props for trying but the translation was a  bit on the rough side.  I hope it didn’t say anything bad…. I guess it doesn’t matter really since it brought us traffic haha.

Diggin’ the pirate ship in this one.


Feedin’ It

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Yeah, this guy is the man.