Uconn: Floss Filthy Style

This past Saturday was the 8th Annual Uconn car show, so naturally we had to go to it being it is in our backyard.  Now usually I will be the first one to say this show is not really my style.  Pretty much every person who has put on an Ebay exhaust on their car and thinks they are a master tech is there so it is not really like the quality is good, and there are so many different brand whores there that it is basically a huge shit talking festival.  This year was no different, except for the fact that I actually had a good time.  I think it was due to the people I was with, and the shit talking with the megaphone that we somehow ended up with, and the fact that almost all of the cars that were actually NICE there were repping massive Floss Filthy stickers somewhere on their cars.  After the show we decided to have a small photo shoot with the crew we rolled with and this is what turned out.

Guest staring in that pic would be none other than Pat AKA Mr. Eastcoast super steezy himself, and was rolling HARD as usual

Also found these other two pics of Petey Pabs and Nicks cars somewhere on the interwebs.

Let it be known that Nick Nikolov officially destroyed Uconns W lot.  There were more scrape marks from his subframe on that parking lot by the end of the day than they know what to do with.

Sam rolled with us as well in his Static Air dropped MK5, which was honestly one of my fav cars there.

All in all it was a AWESOME day, and was a good start (for me at least) for the show season.  Thanks to Tim and whoever else took the great pics.



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