Is that a Nimso?

Petey Pabs has ALWAYS had sick cars, ever since I have known him.  His car before this was a dumped G coupe on 19″ Works, before that had a T Red Mk3 GTI VR dumped on Keskins and in between a SUPER clean Silver Arrow MK3 Jetta.  He is just one of those people that knows how to put together a clean, tasteful car without going over the top.  His newest car is a limited edition Nismo 350Z, and from what I have seen, definitely the most aggressive Nismo I have seen yet.

What you see there aren’t your regular 19″ TE’s.  They are actually Porsche 911 fitment 19×9.5 and 19×11’s.  So while most people with Nissans stick with the biggest size they offer in their bolt pattern, he went beyond that and got adapters to make em fit.  The results are (as you can plainly see) REDICULOUS.  Never have I seen a car get so many stares, and neck breaking as this one.  Some people aren’t even sure what it is, and I guess with the awesome FACTORY Nismo aero it does look quite a bit different.

I mean, look at this shot.

How aggressive is that?!  Shit looks straight up BUSINESS with the dual exhausts, the diffuser, huge wheels and wing.

Once again, huge shout to Travis Rock for the awesome pics.



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