Eddie’s 50

I met Eddie quite a few years back and we had two things in common: we both loved snowboarding, and old Volkswagons. At the time Eddie had two projects, a chopped Bug and a big turbo Bug (on air). He ended up trading the chop top for body and engine work on the other Bug, however he got distracted with his new project……a 1950’s Ford. Now admire the project, because that is what it is, Eddie has torn this car down to nothing, and started over…..As the car sits right now, he hopes to have it on the road by Spring, I will keep this build thread updated, because I am so impressed with all the work he has done. Enjoy (Now it was dumping snow out while I was there so all the shots were taken from close range, as we were keeping the garage doors closed, there will be more to come).

Lays straight rocker…….well except for the grease fitting that can hold the entire care up……

Mock up engine

I think he should lower it…..

I told him to keep the WWII Nazi truck stylez tires on it, but he is going to get OG White Walls….Pimpin Ain’t Easy


Keep up the good work Eddie, I can’t wait to see the next stages.



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