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Something BRIGHT

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993 in any pastel color is intant win in my book.




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This car is BOSS.  LOVE Work Equip 3 spokers, LOVE the raked out snowplow stance pic, and the fact that hes driving it in the snow..

Wish my GTI was AWD, woulda been fun doing donuts in the FOOT of snow we got last night…


Eddie’s 50

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I met Eddie quite a few years back and we had two things in common: we both loved snowboarding, and old Volkswagons. At the time Eddie had two projects, a chopped Bug and a big turbo Bug (on air). He ended up trading the chop top for body and engine work on the other Bug, however he got distracted with his new project……a 1950’s Ford. Now admire the project, because that is what it is, Eddie has torn this car down to nothing, and started over…..As the car sits right now, he hopes to have it on the road by Spring, I will keep this build thread updated, because I am so impressed with all the work he has done. Enjoy (Now it was dumping snow out while I was there so all the shots were taken from close range, as we were keeping the garage doors closed, there will be more to come).

Lays straight rocker…….well except for the grease fitting that can hold the entire care up……

Mock up engine

I think he should lower it…..

I told him to keep the WWII Nazi truck stylez tires on it, but he is going to get OG White Walls….Pimpin Ain’t Easy


Keep up the good work Eddie, I can’t wait to see the next stages.



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I think we all know Ariel Atoms are quite possibly THE most fun you could possibly have on four wheels and drive on the street.  Well I was on their website the other day and noticed that they had come out with a limited production run of Atoms.  What motor you ask?

Civic type R with a bigger supercharger?


Civic type R with a turbo setup?!?!?!


How about a 3.0, DOHC, dry sumped, all aluminum V8 with individual throttle bodies (yes 8 of the mother fuckers) that revs to 10,500 RPM…


Oh yeah it makes 500bhp from the factory, and it weighs around 1,200 pounds.  Well what does that mean?  Lets just put it this way, Ferrari Enzo makes 434hp per ton, and the Bugatti Veyron, with its 16 cylinder, quad turbo retardation engine makes 530hp per ton.  The Ariel Atom 500 V8 makes 900hp per ton….

Chassis is similar to the old Atom, but with new lighter components and revalved dampers and a lot of other pieces, and it is all shifted by a 6 speed sequential gear box changed by a paddle airshift system which does upshifts in 40 milliseconds and downshifts in 50 milliseconds.

This is heaven for me, I love all the engineering and all that stuff that has gone in to making this already pretty simple car into an absolute MONSTER.  Then I saw this video of one on youtube, and watched it over and over again for about the whole day.  Not sure who the lucky guy who owns this is, but he is the MAN in my book and the sounds are absolutely UNGODLY!!!




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Flames bro FLAMES

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Remember the silver mk3 I posted not to long ago?  Well this gem is Mikes brother, Chris’ new long term project.  Note the flames in the second pic…

Shout out to Mike for the photos!!


I<3 Kyon

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So I know a lot of you saw this car at H20 this year

Well he is also the owner of the infamous “Swagrabbit”

Which as much as people hate, he absolutely does not give a FUCK what anyone thinks, and has a pretty rad collection of motorized things, including a SICK XRS50

And apparantly it does 60mph without breaking a sweat..

Then while checking out his blog saw these pictures and fell in love even more..

And I KNOW you see that car parking HARD as can be in the background, and it happens to be this car…


So rad, when I saw the E34 at H20 I couldn’t believe how dipped it was, and now I see pics of him sliding it that low and it makes me even more happy.

Doing it RIGHT