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Hazard County

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Now I know the General Lee Audi may not be the freshest thing on the web, however, it is still one of the most disgusting cars on the web (at least in my opinion).

The Gen Lee has been a favorite between Bear and I for a LONG time. Unlike most cars that we have on the blog, it isn’t stanced to perfection, it doesn’t have 12″ wide rear wheels that cost $1000 a piece, and honestly, to most it isn’t much of a looker either.

It is original, yeah it has a very common paint scheme to it, but not for an Audi…..No, the driver is no DK but he holds his own on the track.

Let’s get something straight, he built a car how he likes it, and her beats the EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF IT. For that General Lee Audi Man, we salute you.




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I think I may have found my future career…..

Please note the license plate….. STREET LEGAL?


Rat v.Sweden

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Oh those crazy Sweedes!!

I love everything about it, ratty body, Group A wing worth more than the shell itself, 17″ widened steelies and 17″ Eikers, ricer blue HID’s.  The swedes really know how to make this cars look pretty cool.


HellaUNflush v.2

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I loved that lifted Impreza I posted not to long ago, and when I found more pics I nearly pooped. For real.

And let’s just have a talk about this pic…


UUGGGHHH how could that guy NOT have the biggest shit eating grin on his face!!!  I’m jealous.


Touareg:Mad Max Edition

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If anyone has more pics of this thing send them to me.  Till then I can only dream that its a V10 TDI and its my daily..


Pikes Peak

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Just saw this vid on Speedhunters, and it’s well worth the watch.  I would love to drive up Pikes Peak one day, especially in a GT3 Cup Car, but I would probably settle in a Geo Metro too hahaha.

So awesome.


Simple Silver Arrow

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It amazes me sometimes how three things can COMPLETELY change the look of a car.


2.Wheels with proper fitting tires (or lack thereof)

3.The right offset

Take this car for example.

This car belongs to a good friend of mine Mike, who is one of the OG’s at our G2Gs, but he ALWAYS came with his brother Chris, who at the time had a VERY nicely put together mk3 golf on Porsche 928 wheels.  Since then Chris has sold it and has been working on an aircooled Beetle, and Mike, well HAS ACTUALLY BOUGHT A CAR!!

He learned from his older brother well, and purchased a very clean silver arrow mk3 golf 4 door (one of my favorite combos) to start.  Interestingly enough he found the wheels while landscaping at this ladies house.  He asked her about the wheels and she said they were her ex husbands and they were taking up space in the garage.  A little more sweet talking on Mikes part, and he exchanged a summer of lawn mowing for a set of BBS that I have never seen before.  He tells me they are off a euro BMW, possibly an M3 or the like.  Couple weeks later he had them wrapped in some Federal 165/45s which are a perfect tire for this wheel.  After us all making fun of him for not having coilovers on his car (even though he hadn’t even driven it yet), he finally got a set of Rokkor’s and put this thing down proper.

And that is the best part.  All it took was wheels, tires, a healthy drop, the right offsets, and it looks AWESOME.  I would love to bomb around in this thing daily.  It’s not notched yet unfortunately, so he cant go much lower till it is.  When that day comes, it will be awesome to see the front tucking em nicely as well.  This should be a lesson to a lot of cars out there, it doesn’t take ratty look, rusty hoods, and bright wheels to stand out, as most of the time it’s the lack of things that make a car look right.