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First Class Fitment

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REDICULOUS is all I have to say.  Canibeat held their first ever show First Class Fitment, this weekend at the Princeton Airport in NJ.  HATS FUCKING OFF to Dave and the rest of the Canibeat crew for holding one of the BEST events I have EVER been to.  The quality of cars was unreal, the people were real chill, banging food, and seriously probably the BEST DJ EVER at any show I have been to.  I was so amazed that every song that came on I was nodding my head thinking to my self FUCK YEA I have that SAME SHIT in my car right now!!  Our trip started off Friday evening with Dustin, Sean, Joey, Josh and myself.  Sean was driving his EK civic, Josh was riding with Joey in his SICK 9th gen ‘rolla, and since I had just shipped out my RSII to their new owner and was rocking steelies, I rode with Dustin in his bagged MK4.  We had all planned on meeting up at 6:30, and after Dustin and I arrived fashionably late at 6:45 we waited for another hour before Joey and Josh showed up, fucking slackers they are.

We finally got a move on and luckily didn’t get stuck in any traffic, and also were lucky that besides Dustin BENDING a sidewall on a tire (which I would have never thought possible) no real carnage of any kind happened.  By the time we arrived at our hotel around 11:30 Dustin and I were shot, and it didn’t help that our hotel had the most comfortable beds I had ever slept in, so we passed out.  The next morning after a sweet continental breakfast we headed out to the show which was about a 15 minute drive from the hotel.  Shouldn’t be that bad right?

WRONG.  Dustin and I got SSSOOO lost, we were driving around middle of nowhere NJ for like an hour, and in that time his oil pressure kept dropping (scary) and we got pulled over for going 45 in a 25.  After all that we finally pulled in, and at 9 30 am, the cars that were there were blowing my mind.  Seriously.  I mean I like to think I have a pretty cool car sometimes, then I go to shows like this and see dumped Aston Martins on 21″ wheels stanced out, it makes me feel like SUCH a peasant.

And the show didnt start till 11!!  So I stole Dustins camera for most of the day and snapped some pics of the cars I thought were rad there, although I missed many.

Raddest awards EVER handed out? I THINK SO!!  Each one was a CCW classic wheel cut in half!!  The polished one in the middle which was I believe best in show had an engraved center cap that said Canibeat First Class Fitment.  UNREAL

This Jetta wag was UNREAL, and the owner was cool as hell, so I also feel bad I forgot his name.  WIDE RS’ with nuts stretch, full penut butter retrim on GLI recaro seats with custom stitching in the middle,  and one of the cleanest trunk/air setups I have ever seen made it one of my favorites at the show.

Z32 on GORGEOUS HRE’s set it off big time, also helped that the body was FLAWLESS, seriously looked showroom clean.

Y34 on GTR wheels was awesome, I have always REALLY liked these cars, I wish more people would mess with them, they look so PRESIDENTIAL

Brand new GTR, KWv3 coils, ADV1 21″ wheels, full Ti exhaust, FML

Should have gotten a bigger turbo.

Dave’s Civic is looking sssooo proper all slammed now!!

So in this shot we have the ass of an Aston, chrome MAE’s, Work Emotion CR Kais, and probably about 100k worth of wheels alone in the background.  Wowoweewah.

Ollie’s truck is rediculous.  I saw this as we were leaving the show and was yelling at Dustin to pull over so I could snap some pics of it.  Just finished the air setup the night before, and its rolling on 16×10 DRW’s, I wish more truck guys would do stuff like this instead of just laying them out on 20s.

Seans Civic on the way back home.  I cannot wait till he gets his wheels on to fill out that 7 yards of wheel tuck hes got going on now.

Dustin driving low for once. jkjkjkjkjk

This is probably my favorite picture I took all weekend.  Joeys corolla rollin on the NJTP.  The gold Work VS-XX pop so much against the leaves in the background.  This car is way dope as well, and I hope he comes down to CT more often.

So HUGE HUGE props to the boys at Canibeat because they did it RIGHT.  I had a blast and I’m sure others felt the same, I cannot wait till the next one.



Happy Halloween Sucka

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Tempo Matador Stylez




Electric Beige

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Kid I have been talking to for awhile on Turbobricks, just recently finished his wheel and tire setup on his beige 244.  I’m a huge fan of beige cars in general, and beige on white is soooo good.  Wheels are widened stock FWD Volvo 850 steel wheels, sized in at 16×8.5 and 16×10.  He says hes lowering it more around which can never hurt, and I can’t wait to see it.

It’s awesome seeing more real Volvos sitting real proper.  Hopefully if I see this car at First Class Fitment this weekend I’ll take some more snaps.



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Somewhere in JDMville


– JI

Gas, brake, DIPPED

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Monday morning pictures off the old hard drive

Unlike Bear, I have no clue who owners are……. However, I wish I did.


Slowly but surely

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My brother got this car not too long ago as a replacement for this.

That silver one was awesome but it had 240k on it, and wasnt as clean as he wanted, but the main thing was that he wanted to ditch the heinous CIS 10v turbo 5 cylinder motor for the stronger, and much more capable 3b 20v DOHC turbo 5 cylinder motor that came in the 91 model year 200’s only.  After some searching I found a friend of mine who had purchased it for a DD, had no time to spend fixing the issues it had, and he quickly offered it to my brother for $1000!!  That seams like a great deal, but what I didn’t say was how mint the body was and the fact that it only has 83k on the clock!!  Needless to say, after really pushing the boundaries with what people were doing with these older Audi’s I could not wait to see what he would do with this one.

It started out simple, with him fixing basic problems that it had, and to get it roadworthy again.  He drove it stock for a while and through the winter, then came spring time he got a chip and wastegate spring for it, which turned the boost up from 9psi to 25psi, and it RIPS.  Anyone that has gotten a ride in it can vouch for that!!  He obviously had the itch to get this thing LOW again and obviously some nice fitting wheels.  The main problem is that NOBODY makes coilovers for these cars.  So we made a set ourselves.  Using Bilstein struts as a basis, he got sleeves and adjusters, and got some 2.5I.D. stock car springs to use as the coils.  The car then sat for a while while we did timing belt, water pump, all that good stuff.  Just 2 weekends ago we finally got the coilovers on and it made a HUGE difference.  The car no longer handled like a BOAT and dove between every shift.  AWESOME, now we just gotta get the wheels on the car.  He had found a set of RARE Azev Type A’s in the EVEN rarer sizing of 17×8.5 and 17×10 with low offsets, and to top the cake 5×112 which meant they would bolt right on his car.  As you saw by the last video I posted we got his tires mounted and he sent me these pics.

Looks awesome I think.  YES it needs smaller tires in the back, YES it needs small spacers all around, YES it needs MOAR low all around, YES it needs to stop leaking oil out of the front main like BP.  We are working on that.  Smaller tires and spacers are coming soon, moar low is coming soon courtesy of CUSTOM 3 inch shorter than stock strut inserts and housings, and obviously the front main we will fix as well.  I feel like my brother is one of the first people to REALLY push the boundaries as far as fitment goes on these cars, and I wish more people would do it.  More pics when its lower and wider.